Our Partners

Solving water crisis requires a global effort. Sharing our expertise and vision makes access to safe water and sanitation possible for more people.

Water Out of Safe Holder (WOOSH) is a local partnership-based organization that works with poor people, non-State actors and civil society organizations, national and local governments, the private sector and other stakeholders at the national, regional and global levels to improve sanitation and hygiene at scale. Water Out of Safe Holder (WOOSH) works to advance sanitation and hygiene and uses this as a foundation for related achievements in health, education, gender equality, urbanization and climate change.

Good governance is at the heart of Water Out of Safe Holder (WOOSH)’s commitment to serve those central to its organizational mission and to provide accountability to all stakeholders and donors.

We are fortunate to work with partners – foundations, financial institutions, and brands – who share our passion and vision. Our partners are true collaborators who bring expertise, compassion and results as we work together to end the water crisis. Together, we are bringing solutions to nearly every part of the world, proving that doing good is good for business.

There are several ways we can partner to help us both achieve our goals. We understand that supporting Water.org is a reflection of your values and commitment to philanthropy. Our team will work with you to create a program that supports your mission and maximizes impact.

To discuss a partnership with WOOSH, please Contact Us.

In-country implementation partners

Our in-country partners are the key to our work. They are the front line in implementing programs and expanding access to affordable financing for safe water and sanitation. Thanks to their real-time problem solving and long-term understanding of market needs, we can reach more people.

Uganda Industrial Research Institute

Uganda Industrial Research InstituteImage result for uiri is a government parastatal organization under the auspicies of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MoSTI). The institution that was established by an act of parliament in 2002 is a competence and capability centre that champions innovations, translates applied research results into practical applications that lead to high quality efficient industrial products, processes and creates highly skilled human resources.